Jack Linke

The Marine Corps Institute (MCI) offered a number of courses in various subjects for United States Marines. These courses covered a wide range of topics from spelling, to Turbine Engine Operation and Maintenance, to Propagation of RF Waves, to Advanced Leadership and Military History.


Many of these courses are/were accredited by the American Council on Education (ACE), enabling Marines to gain college credits, and advance their military careers at the same time.


MCI's course listings, though, didn't make it easy to specifically find courses that include college credit. My thought in the past was: "unless the course is very interesting, why should I spend time taking courses that only count toward my career when I could also be gaining college credit?"


And so I set out to make it easier for others with the same idea to find MCI courses that offered the best of both worlds.


In 2005, using the various resources at the MCI and ACE websites, I developed a PDF guidebook that explained the basics of ACE, what credits might transfer to various schools, which courses offered by MCI were accredited at various levels (Vocational, Undergrad, or Graduate), and provided a few additional resources for further reading. That document is attached here, and is now quite out of date. MCI and ACE updated their listings of offered and accredited courses at least yearly.


MCI Credit Guide 2005 HOT

Obsolete, but listed for documentation purposes.

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In 2007 I expanded the idea, using a new technology at the time: Adobe Flex. It featured search capabilities with a MySQL Database back-end, a brief video tutorial, and a custom search-to-PDF generator.


Although very outdated, the site is still available at Here