Jack Linke


I've been a huge fan of the the productivity system, the Action Method from Behance, since first hearing about it in 2011. The basic idea is breaking your projects down into manageable chunks, and a number of products are available to help you do that, including an online application and paper-based forms.

I also love using Circa Notebooks from Levenger, and they offer two different colors of Action Method Papers, but I had two problems at the time:

  1. I wanted more colors
  2. While I ordered a set of both the orange and blue papers from Levenger, I wasn't sure they'd arrive before my 8-month deployment to Afghanistan.


So I did what anyone in my situation would do and made my own. I based them off of a free Sample Product PDF. I popped Inkscape open and went to town, creating a similar paper design in a number of bright colors, which I then printed and punched for use in my circa notebook.

The files are all attached below in PDF format for printing and SVG format for editing to your tastes and needs.


Many thanks for Behance for such great tools and ideas!


Action Method Papers 1 HOT

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